Sunday, January 13, 2019

                 You Are Women of Substance

A woman of substance is a woman who fears God and shuns evil. She is a woman of greatness and honor. She is self-reliant, influential with class, ambitious and plans for her future. She has good qualities about herself. She takes action with boldness, confidence, and courage. She is not afraid to step out on faith and take risks. She is a positive role model for peers and the younger generation.

A woman of substance is a good leader and carry the qualities of a good leader. She has honesty and integrity. She inspires others. She has passion and commitment, She is a good communicator. She is creativity and innovative. She knows who she is in Christ, and knows this with conviction. When she look in the mirror, she sees every unique quality that God created within her. She has a unique purpose and determined to reach her destiny.